Alot of my products are based on proven attractors, who remembers Kryston's Ambio from the 90's? and in more recent years Minamino both are if you can source them fantastic stimulators as far as fish are concerned. My boilie juice is exactly that but with added liquid betaine and a touch of Hutchys compound TF and one more secret ingredient from the koi industry that has to be the best kept secret as regards a feeding trigger. This is without doubt the best Amino liquid i could source leaving all the others in the dust. Carp go absolutely crazy for this liquid it really is that good, hence why most if not all of my popups incorporate this additive. It can be used as a dip or simply pour 20ml-30ml to a kilo on your favourite freebaits's the night before in order for the juice to fully absorb in. Supplied in 125ml bottles.

All Season Minamino (betaine juice)