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It was an advancement in my thinking that just had to happen especially on todays pressured waters, my own personal bottom bait hookbait is now available with all the PROVEN attractors produced at the optimun levels.

This mix is close to my heart and will only reveal some of its ingredients for obvious reasons, Soya, spanish peppers, robin orange, two soluble milk proteins, kelp, clo, and betaine are just some of the ingredients that go into this quality mix.

Flavour wise its probably one of the best combination fish blends ever developed this being prems Shellfish SA and RH Monster Crab incorporating low level fish oils, amino juice and a splash of minamino, hot cooked for 30 seconds to keep all that goodness within the bait working.

A great alternative to have in your rucksack when its scratching time..

Rolled in 14mm and in the colour deep of red then smothered with my favourite hookbait attractor betaine, it just works! (no colours or preservatives are added)  

Ocean spice HABB (betaine coated)

Colour: Red
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