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Based on my own legendary liveramino poups incorporating the same attractors but in a High attract bottom bait form.

Having received hundreds of messages over the last 10 years to produce a Liver bottom bait, well its finally here and added to my exclusive range of hookbaits. 

Carp fishing is certainly getting harder due to the sheer volume of carp anglers enjoying our sport, so adding this type of hookbait in a bottom bait format can only be an massive edge where popups and wafter presentations have been flogged to death..

A single Liver HABB with a small bag of good quality pellets or simply used as a single hookbait which is good enough to lock onto the carps Olfactory & Gustatory senses enabling you to get a bite when its scratching time...


I was hesitant to provide the ingredients having already been copied but i feel its paramount the angler knows most if not all the ingredients which make up this successful blend.

Hydrolised liver powder, Dessicated liver powder, Liquid liver hydrolysate, Nucleotide yeast, Predigested fishmeal, LT94, Blended milk proteins, Marmite, Molasses, Garlic, Salts and my favorite betaine, splashed with a touch of minamino and my very own amino juice and you have a great attractor package which can resist all heavy silt and weed odours...


Rolled in 14mm and coated with extra betaine (no colours or preservatives are add)


Liveramino's HABB (betaine coated)

Colour: Sand
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