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This blend may be targeted towards more of the 'Old Skool' angler that deserves and requires a quality food source without the overuse of saturated flavours. 

Bright overflavoured baits will always catch carp but they have a limited lifespan so since the introduction of my range in 2012 all of my baits tend to be on the low inclusion side, concentrating moreso on natural occuring attractors.


Its taken me 6-8 months to formulate a new blend with proven attractors with attention to detail regarding a low scare factor within its make up. The common denominator in most if not all baits is obviously bases and flavours, something which most anglers need to increase there own confidence.


This blend has zero flavour, bases or synthetic chemical signals just total natural ingredients that carp find incredibly attractive. Blended fishmeals inc CPSP90, blended milks inc Whey protein, yeast enzymes inc Nucleotide yeast, Marmite powder, & Celmanax Liquid vitamin & minerals inc minamino.  Grade A Hymalian salts.


I dont suppose it will be long before the masses will copy...hence why Ive left out a couple of best kept secrets which run in harmony with this mix, which has been obtained from a close friend within the industry. Thanks mate!

Rolled in 14mm and produced in deep red with no preservatives or colours are added. 



Natural B12 (14mm)

Colour: Red/Brown
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