Salted Seafood Jam (SSJ) as it was known back in the day to a few, was first introduced back in 90's where it was producing the goods on a very busy circuit water near South Muskham, in Nottinghamshire. The bigfish angler catching consistently saw my enthusiam to learn and was obliging in showing me his successful method, and the rest is history. It's a great feeling putting a modern twist on a additive that caught carp some 30 years ago. It's based on a combination of seafood ingredients, and closely guarded liquid attractors which are 'hot cooked' then allowed to cool, then treated with additional low level amino enzymes. (Unfortunately i cannot divulge the full list of ingredients due to the possibility of other bait firms copying, we all need our edges). This attractor dip can be equally used on bottom bait hookbaits as well as popups, due to its extreme dense makeup which does NOT come off' on the cast. Supplied in a wideneck 125ml bottle for ease of dipping.  (please note there is no glycerin added which makes it totally unique to whats out on the current market) 

Salted Seafood Jam (Dip)