The Scopex blend needs no introduction as its been around for decades its a flavour i can no longer ignore, as the demand from the serious carp angler was simply just to high.

Now Produced in a critically balanced presentation where a size 6 or 4 hook sits perfectly (pending rig type, my preference is a d-rig on a flurocarbon boom)

Having received many samples in 2019 and finally producing the end product in January 2020 the release after extensive field testing can not come quick enough for everyone to reap the rewards.

Scopex plus with its sweet lingering essences needs very little additional attractors as its simply that effective at producing the correct feeding triggers however a little amino juice and betaine can only improve its superb qualities even further.

No preservatives are added to this blend making it a big fish hitter to the most wary of all carp. A superb all season classic but with its winter track record it's sure to be a firm favourite. I'm sure this blend will produce the goods for many years to come, so its a absolute pleasure to add this sought after blend to my exclusive range of popups.

Rolled in 13mm light orange, again a slightly unused colour. #edge

Scopex Plus 13mm (critically balanced)

Colour: Orange