I know i'm going to regret selling this one as its a absolute CLASSIC that i can no longer hold back. To source this original blend wasnt easy and rolling it requires a facemask due to the volatile emzymes present. It has duo fishy aroma's within its makeup that are pungent to say the least, whereby the carp find attractive at low/medium levels. A hint of magenta (deep pink) is added and rolled in size 14mm only.  (potshot inc) 

New to my website to help combat pickups from our fethered friends are the Squid & Octopus (darks) which have the same makeup as the above but instead of incorporating large amounts of colour I've added what i consider to be the best additives for winter attraction these being Grade A liver powder, Soluble blood powder, Minamino, GLM & betaine. These will be produced in the winter months of November to Febuary, and rolled in 13/14mm in a grey/black colour.

Squid & Octopus (potshot inc)

Colour: Magenta