My Salty squid spray has been added to my range for those of you who like to pep there free offerings up as opposed to using there boilies naked so to speak. 

Its been well documented carp crave salt in the spring leading up to spawning so it just makes sense to provide them with exactly what they need.

Carefully blended ingredients that are attractive to our carp are included into this attractor package such as squid extract, whole fish blends, minerals, minamino and my own amino juice.

I personally love this attractor as liquids are still underused in fishing. I simply spray onto the boilies once taken out of the freezer the night before and let the goodness of the juices soak in which creates another attraction as soon as its applied to the water...

These are supplied in handy clear 50ml atomizer spray bottles.  

Salty squid spray (boilies only)