Having received hundreds of messages in the last few years from 'Hardcore Anglers' all wanting me to produce a proven first class fishmeal popup. The wait is finally over! The carp in your syndicate are more cautious than they have ever been. It's time to give them something different! Superfish meets these requirements with a low scare factor as its makeup is totally different to what's out there on the current market. Some of the listed ingredients are as follows, Two combination proven fish flavours, minamino,  salmon oil, grade A liver powder, high levels of NZ GLM, Robin Red, Betaine, Pre-digested Fishmeal, Garlic powder, spices and my own inclusion of koi feeding trigger. Just like my Liveramino's the buoyancy is 5% less than my other range of popups which is due to the sheer volume of powders and additives that are within the blended mix, but they will still hold up for 24 hours with ease. (note; perfectly suited for ronnie rigs without the need for extra putty to hold up 24 hours & the best seasonal usage times are April-October). These baits are perfectly rolled in size 13 mm in a deep red/brown colour which may alter slightly from time to time. A 3ml potshot of blended flavour is also provided inside each one and is highly recommended for added attraction. Happy Hauling!!!     

Superfish (potshot inc)

Colour: Red/brown