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Carp fishing is in my blood, the addiction for me is like no other sport.  The challenges it poses from lake to lake is what drives me as I am sure it does for many of you.

With 30 years of experience in carp fishing the desire to catch certain carp is stronger than ever and may that passion continue. Determination and effort are two words high on my list when it comes to catching carp, the lengths that I go to are both demanding and challenging not to mention sometimes crazy. I’m constantly trying to keep one step ahead of the game in order to have consistent results.

After receiving hundreds of messages on Facebook and other social media sites regarding bait over the last few years I have decided to compliment my range of hooks with a small selection of pop-ups which I have extensively used over many years either as a single hook bait approach or over your chosen food source.

With a saturation of baits currently on the market I felt it was paramount to produce my baits in a totally different way to everybody else, in order to to maintain a high level of results. Just like our rigs and presentations  it’s the small changes that can have a massive effect on your catch rates, so I have released my exclusive range of baits that are as attractive as possible incorporating a blend of flavours, natural attractors, powdered palatants, minerals, soluble oils and essential oils, which to myself and a few close friends have been simply outstanding.

Jason Wheat