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Welcome to our Shop!  Due to high demands we are finally providing a small range of exclusive popups to anglers out there looking for something that little bit different. A change of bait can have a massive impact on your catch rates, I feel It's so important to have a quality food signal being transmitted without the fear factor coming into play which in turn scares our quarry before a pick up has even encounted.  I have a total of 6  blends, one of which being my own personal favourite. All of my baits are as attractive as possible incorporating a blend of flavours, natural attractors, betaine, soluble oils, N- butyric, minerals, sweeteners, essential oils, and something which i consider totally different attractive powders. All of which to me and a few close friends have been simply outstanding.


In our Hook Range, we have various types of patterns to cover every fishing situation these include My favourite being the super sharp Chod hooks in size 6, and Widegape plus all which are incredibly sharp and strong.