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1: Are there any other sizes, colours, or flavours available?
The blends shown are proven attractors, we all have our favourites and these are mine, There are also a couple of sought after blends that have been replicated with a complete match using different alcohol bases and esters, these are now available to purchase. The popups in the bait section are my own preferred colours which will always be available. So unless you are considering a large order with different colours and size to what is shown please email me in order to discuss your requirements as I aim to please.  (large being 6 pots or more).


2: How many popups are there per pot? 

Popups are provided in 150ml  pots, 13mm bait seem to be the most popular size and each pot holds approximately 45 baits, if you were to order 12mm baits as a bespoke order there would be more.


3: How long does the delivery take to arrive?

Popups normally take 3-4 days, depending on availability. However just like our bottom baits we use to feed our fish I think it is paramount that the hookbaits are equally as fresh, I just didn't want my popups sitting on the shelves for months on end, so with that in mind orders may take that little longer than most companies. Freshness is paramount.

4: Do we offer any positions for field testers?
Unfortunately not at present, all of these attractor blends have been used by myself and a few close friends for the last 25 years, they work very well in any given situation and are already in a league of there own above most other brands. In my experience ALL lakes have a code to unlocking their prizes, experimenting with different colours and flavour blends can have a massive impact to your catch rates.

5: How long will they stay popped up for?
The buoyancy of these hookbaits are tailored around my own rigs, which 80% of the time are pretty basic setups incorporating either a combi -link or good old stiff hinge setup as the 360 degree movement helps to turn the hook and catch hold. The buoyancy is ideal for chod rigs whereby the resetting qualities are paramount. My preferred method is to use the small metal bait screws to attach the popup, tho if you feel the need to leave them out longer then tying them on is best.


6: How are the popups prepared, boiled, steam or other?

Now this is just something I have always done, our tap water contains chlorine, and other chemicals, even possible pesticides through contamination of waterpipes. I have kept Koi Carp for many years and one thing I have learnt is that carp in their environment can detect such changes and can suffer otherwise. I have a top quality filtering sytem and a declorinator which removes most if not all of these chemicals, which is why in the hot cook process I prefer to use water from my pond. I simply think it adds a percentage to my catch rates,  Nothing more. Which brings me to the subject of boiling baits. Personally I believe that boiling at high temperatures simply reduces the all important ingredients we have just placed in our baits, so I prefer to simply hot cook for a 30 seconds so to speak, and then simply increase the drying time to 5-7 days, it takes longer but it just has to be better.


7: What type of ingredients are used for the popups?

To me this is important, with lots of different options on the market these days in order to produce bouyant baits, my preferred option was to use a porous type ingredients over non porous simply because it enables me to get as much attraction into the bait as possible whilst still containing a milk protein blend which is a attractor within itself, due to the amino acids present. I didnt want a rockhard bait sat there for the time i am fishing, it just isn't natural enough whereby a bouyant yet softer bait matches the free baits much better. The longer the hookbait is in the carps mouth which also feels right the better the chance of hooking it before it tries to eject it.  

8: How do I pay?
Paypal is my payment method, with a minimum order of TWO items due to postage cost.


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