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Customer feedback is very important to us, we pride ourselves on our service and quality of product. Heres what some of our customers have had to say about Stickycarp...

Your pop ups are spot on! - jonny crank.

Got my pop ups 2 day thanks cant wait 2 get out and use them - Daniel Sellick

Received my baits today mate, there mint. The Blue cheese n garlic are strong nearly making me spew. Deffo going to be catching on these. cheers jay. - Wayne Aston

Hi jay, just picked up my 3 pots of pop ups from the post office.. Really looking forward to using them. And thanks for the freebies as you had no 16mm pb1's. Much appreciated. Will be doing business with you again shortly. - Many thanks Ian.

ey up jay another couple falling foul to the fruit esters yesterday have you any pb1's rolled at all bud. - Martin preddy.

Hi Jason, just read through your q&a section on your website and yes I like it. It's well presented and I think it answers the questions people would most likely be asking so you've obviously thought it through well. It also gives the reader confidence in that what they're ordering is going to be top quality and very well tested and proven which to my knowledge, no other company out there quite does that so it's very reassuring. Nice touch mate! P.S, especially with the gallery section to back it all up!

Received today thanks for your service 100 percent - Steve Bruntnell.

I'm using your fruit Esters at the mo and constantly catching on them, for me the bigger fish have come on the yellow baits so obviously have a soft spot for yellow. Adam Harley.



The blue cheese was in the water no longer than two mins!! 28 2 Nath.


Arrived this morning , they smell pretty extra special Jay, can not wait to use this wk coming hopefully will keep you informed , thank you X Mark Denton

 I don't use chods (at all) so they suit me perfectly mate. 40 anglers on Drayton this weekend. I had 27 fish on them. Couldn't get a bite on other companies pop ups! - Anon

Hiya buddy, just received my hooks and all I can say mate is bloody hell they are sharp!!!! - Dave

Pop ups arrived first class mate .. Let me no when Ya rolling that krill bait to try in spring ok and once again thanks. Andrew Duroe.

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