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My passion simply encourages me to produce forgotten blends from the past which have PROVEN track records. I've always found being different from the guy in the next swim can pay dividends.

This blend was one of my first successful popups back in 2013 which scored well amongst the 'Old Skool anglers', though its been around for years. Why I took it off my exclusive range of popups is beyond me!!  Well its back with no change to its make up as it was just so succesful.

Carefully blended ingredients includes, lamlac, caseinates, blue cheese powder which is high in n-butyric, fenugreek powder, which is such a great additive and a touch of garlic essential oil, all added at the correct levels.

All time classic carp attractors which need no introduction in the baitworld.

The delicate attractor package is known to be consistent all year round especially during the colder months and moving into spring, where water temperatures range from 6 degrees celsius to 15 cels.

I've decided to produce this blend in a pastel golden orange colour with no preservatives added. Carefully hand rolled in the size of 13mm. (no potshot required)


Blue cheese & garlic EO 13mm

Colour:: orange/gold
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