These high attract popups are a blend of 3 low level tropical fruits with one of these flavours at 60% being the dominant smell. They all have different soluble rates combined with quite possibly the best liquid attractor available. The levels have been carefully selected to give optimum attraction incorporating two soluble bases these being ethyl alcohol & diacetin which is a highly sought after acetic ester not widely used due to its cost. Combining these two bases with the attractors allows the water column to be constantly searched no matter what the water temperature which in turn locks onto the carps olfactory epithelium senses for a excellent food signal. This blend is set get the carp anglers talking, so if your after a proven blend from the 90's that no one is using then get on the Gold Dust a true winter/spring winner!  Rolled in 13/14mm in a deep golden yellow colour, again something a little different from the norm. (potshot inc)

Gold Dust (potshot inc)

Colour: Gold