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Monster crab is without a shadow of a doubt one of the all time greats but sourcing the correct crab base is paramount to its success. Having received over 5 samples from various suppliers i finally laid my hands on a similiar blend i used back in the early 90's. 

This blend will be combined with my own personal mix at a ratio of 70/30 which is why it is so expensive i just couldnt keep the cost down. Only the finest ingredients have been sourced which i've used on and off for over 30 years, namely my own Ocean Spice mix. 

This is a proper food bait whereby the initial smell is the basemix then the crab secondary once the powders have dispersed.

The market is now becoming so competitive with other companys trying to copy my certain blends im not prepared to divulge my own personal basemix which has been close to my heart for over 30 years. (.....yes its that good)

These balanced baits are carefully prepared with the basemix dust (robin orange, paprika, to name a few) then placed in my temperature controlled dryer which gently cures the powders into a useable state. (These baits are designed to sink with the weight of a size 6 hook, give or take materials and hooks used).

These baits are perfectly rolled in 14mm. (no colouring or preservatives added) 

King Crab 13-14mm (WAFTERS) coated

Colour: Brown/orange
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