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Since its introduction to the market in 2016 its probably my best seller. Liver in its various form is in my opinion one of the all time greats I just had to employ it to my range of exclusive popups.

It's track record for picking out the bigger fish cannot be ignored, especially during the summer where bright baits have been flogged to death.

The attractor package is based on proven blends that are to set to take single hookbait fishing to another level. Please do not be fooled by its low flavour smell as this is based on natural products such as Liquid Liver Hydrolysate, Hydrolysed liver powder, Dissicated Liver powder, marmite, salts, liquid Betaine and a Spice powder stimulator are just some of the main ingredients which are within this big fish hitter. 

Now coated and cured using marmite powder, liver powder and hymalian salt.  

Slightly more expensive due to the sheer amount of ingredients used, however if your looking to catch the rare ones this is the blend for you.  (no potshot is required).

Liveramino's 13-14mm (Liver, salt, marmite coated)

Colour: Sand
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