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ABS Maplecreme Nut is one of the all time greats its track record is probably up there as one of the best creamy type flavour blends ever developed.

It has a very unique smell which just seems to linger on your hands, clothes, anything it can get a grasp on. Its simply another proven flavour that leaves you wanting another sniff!

This blend just seems to attracts the most wary of all carp and is specially effective on silty and weedy waters due to its silt buster inhibitant.

I've also added a small level of black pepper oil & a creamy palatant which makes for a great attractor package. If your water has a taste for the creamy flavours this is sure to get those alarms screaming!!! Perfectly hand rolled in pastel orange only. Rolled in 13mm only. 

ABS Maplecreme Nut 13mm (pastel orange)

Colour: Orange
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