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It was no easy task finding the correct plum flavour as there are litually hundreds out there, i wanted one that not only had a great track record but also included nature identical ingredients using the finest and purists blends available. Additionally and new for 2024 i wanted to add another dimension incorporating a milk and glucose cured coating (high in aminos and sweet enhancers), once the attractive coating breaks down it leaves a pink coloured popup in situ.This blend along with its coating, complete with molasses and amino's will be perfect for spring/summer use due to its high leakage qualities.

The solubility and and outer coating will last around 12 hours which in my opinion is perfect.

Rolled in pink but with added glucose and milks as a cured coated hookbait. (availability only) and in the size of 13/14mm.




Rich Plum 13-14mm (Glucose & Amino coated)

Colour: pink
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