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Our Baits:  With a saturation of popups on the market it was time for me to release my own blends which have been working for me since the late 80's with staggering results. I firmly believe that most overflavoured baits are ejected before a hookup has even been encounted due to high flavour levels being used. My range of baits have the correct signals to reduce this from happening, (lower flavour levels high in naturals). All of my popups are unique which makes them that little bit special as there is only me producing them, which in turn makes them less likely to be used on your venue, that in itself is a massive edge. NB. With increased drying times put in place, no preservatives are added thus making all my blends even more attractive.

Colours: How many times have you changed colour to then find out a bite has occured, colours are so important and not always the bright ones, especially come mid summer when the carp are fully aware they are being fished for. Proven ingredients are also added to my popups such as  Minamino, Amino juice, Betaine, liver powder, GLM, Robin Red, mineral salts and LT94 to name just a few favourites. I have also tried to compliment the colours with blends that are slightly different as not everyone wants bright baits together with great attractors. So with that in mind i have tried to produce lighter shades in most blends. 

Powdered Attractors: Not one for simply overloading with flavour as many competitors are or wild claims of the next superbait that pulls them in from a 100 yards. I much prefer to go down the natural route with proven attractors that simply WORK!. My hookbaits have the correct flavour levels which is lower than most and more importantly natural occuring ingredients such as Betaine, Lysine, GLM, Sweeteners & Amino acids which makes them that little bit more special unlike your typical 'off the shelf' popups. I feel the correct levels of powders adds another dimension to the finished baits, as once the release of the soluble attractors are dispersed the natural powdered additives are always present within the bait giving that all important attractive signal within a 24 hour period.                             


Postage & Packaging for up to 4 pots is £3.95  PLEASE NOTE:  Minimum order is for 2 pots due to postage costs

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